Healthy Hearing Club

hearing instrument providers that are part of a buying group – means best possible pricing.

Do you identify with any of the following:

  • 1) can’t afford the $ Thousands of dollars typical hearing aid offices charge
  • 2) are tired of the misleading ads such as, “Get 2 digital Hearing Aids for $900”, when you respond to those type of ads and go get the free hearing test are told, “oh those low priced hearing aids won’t work for your hearing loss” and then get pressured to buy the $8,000 set of hearing aids
  • 3) are sold the expensive hearing aids with the promise they will work well for 10 years or more and then at year 3 are pressured to trade up your 3 year old hearing aids for new ones. Often at 3 years, you’re told the specialist/audiologist can’t do anything more to service or tune the hearing aids after 3 years.