A) We use a consultative process of
  1. Evaluate your hearing loss;
  2. Discuss your lifestyle and demands on your hearing environments/expectations;
  3. Help you choose the best technology level, pricing and style that would work overall for your unique needs.
A) All our hearing aids are backed with a 100% Money Back, 45 day evaluation period. You buy the hearing aids, we fit and tune them. Within 45 days, you have the options to

a) exchange for a different model of same value or trade up and pay the difference, or

b) return for a full refund.

A) We can arrange for a follow up visit to adjust your hearing aids and at a 1 year mark, re-test your hearing and re-adjust the hearing aids. (note: there may be a small fee for ongoing service calls)
A) We fit hearing aids of multiple global manufacturers. The majority of hearing aids we tend to use are from Signia (formerly Siemens) (Signia manufactures hearing aids for Miracle Ear), Oticon and Phonak.
A) Call for a date to test your hearing. Look through information on this site as to cost range and style. When we test your hearing, we will discuss what you want, order the hearing aids, set up a fitting schedule and complete the fitting.