Hearing Aid Styles

You can select from any style Hearing Aid available.

Select the style you feel would be the best for you

Styles: Select your preference.
Standard typical ‘Behind the Ear’

Available in battery and rechargeable options.

Advantages: Comfortable and able to attach to many sizes and shapes of soft domes as well as custom hard ear molds. Offer push buttons to allow direct control of hearing aids. Bluetooth and streaming capable. Connects to smart phone app.

Unique ‘Slim Behind the Ear’

Advantage: Stylish, slim, discreet and rechargeable.

Very small narrow body of hearing aid on the ear means it’s very comfortable to wear. Stays on ear securely due to the curved longer slim body. Couples with large assortment of sizes and styles of soft domes and also can accommodate hard custom molds. Rechargeable and comes with a small portable charger case the holds 4 charges.

Note: No buttons on hearing aid requires use of free smart phone app or mini pocket remote to make changes to hearing aid settings.

Rechargeable Stylish Ear Bud Ready to Wear

Advantage: Stylish, comfortable, rechargeable and Bluetooth ready.

This does NOT LOOK LIKE A HEARING AID. The body rests in the lower part of the ear so it stays put but is very comfortable. Uses soft flexible domes to achieve the best comfort fit. Rechargeable and ready to Bluetooth and stream from smart phones.

Note: Does require smartphone app or mini pocket remote to make changes to hearing aid setting.

Super Small- Discrete – Ready to Wear

Advantage: very small and comfortable using an assortment of soft domes made to fit most any ear canal size and shape.

Runs on a small #10 battery. Just close battery door and put in the ear canal and go.

Note: Requires a smart phone app or mini pocket remote to make changes. Does not allow streaming or Bluetooth connection.

Custom Rechargeable

Advantage: Custom fit for each ear canal. Rechargeable. Means a very secure and comfortable fit. Rechargeable means simply drop them into the charger nightly and wear all day. Blue tooth capable means you can stream directly phone calls, and audio into the hearing aids.

Note: Button on hearing aids can be set to control volume / program changes. Connects to smart phone app. Does require impressions of each ear to order.