Hearing Help Overview

We source hearing aids directly from manufacturers through a buying group that has some buying power. – You benefit by saving a ton of money for the same hearing aids you can pay 2X’s the money for in an office

By offering a ‘Mobile Based Service’, we lower the fixed overhead costs. – You benefit by personal service with lower costs for that service.

We unlock all the hearing aids we fit. – You benefit by being able to have any specialist is able to access your hearing aids – worldwide. Did you know that many offices, ie Miracle Ear for example, lock their hearing aids so that only Miracle Ear offices can access the programming of those hearing aids.

We professionally program and tune your hearing aids based on your perception of the sound response. – You benefit by having a personal professional tuning vs simply having the settings determined by the computer software and being told,”this is how the software set up the hearing aids and if you don’t like it, you just need to get used to it”

We offer a full 45 day, 100% money back guarantee if you need to return your hearing aids. – You benefit by not being told you can’t return them or be pushed back on by the office, forcing you to keep them.

We offer 4 levels of performance of hearing aids with 4 price levels. (see pricing page) – You benefit by being able to choose the level that fits your budget and knowing the cost BEFORE you make an appointment.

If you’re shopping, STOP and make the call today to discuss your hearing needs.


We offer hearing aids in most all styles available from tiny discreet in the ear hearing aids, to custom rechargeable, to slim behind the ear rechargeable to standard behind the ear styles.