1 TOP Performance:

Highest level performance has most hearing help features:

Automatically adjusts to most sound environments: Loud Noise; In the Car; Restaurants; Concerts; TV; Music; Reverberant large rooms (Think Gyms); Wind; Outdoors and more.

Larger number of channels of frequencies that adjust independently. One brand has 64 channels, most have 48.

Strong background noise suppression, means the strongest amount of background noise is reduced.

2 Upper Mid-Level Performance

Self adjusts to important sound environments: Loud Noise; Car; Music; Wind (moderate)

Moderate number of channels of frequencies. Most brands – 32 channels or more.

Moderate Background noise suppression, means a decent amount of background noise suppression. Works well for mild to moderate hearing loss in smaller group settings

3 Mid Level Performance

Self adjusts to basic sound environments: Mild to moderate Noise

Smaller number of frequency channels. Many brands 16 – 24 channels.

Mild background noise suppression, means mild hearing loss should hear well in one on one and small group settings. Very mild wind suppression.

4 Basic – Economy

Basic mild sound adjustments Mild noise adjustment

Small number of frequency channels. Many brands 8 – 12 channels

Very mild background noise suppression , means can work well for 1:1 and with little background noise.