Regardless of the Style of hearing aid, Professional Grade hearing aids use the most up to date technology that provides ‘near normal’ hearing for significant hearing loss.

Hearing aid sound response is achieved by a combination of ultra-high speed computer chip processing speeds; best fit acoustic selection of ear canal domes and molds; and the sound response of the firmware that is programmed using the most up to date understanding of how the brain’s neuropathways and sound processing interact with the nerve signals generated by the auditory nerve which transmits signals from the Cochlea (Inner Ear). {One manufacturer we fit, uses A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) to train their hearing aids using 12 million speech in noise setting patterns to recognize actual speech patterns.}

Hearing aid Style has more to do with personal preference. Hearing aid performance has a lot to do with the Performance Level of the hearing aids you choose. Generally there a 4 performance levels for any style. The higher the performance level, the better the hearing aids will provide closer to normal hearing in difficult sound environments (Think background Noise).

To save money, some users buy lesser expensive hearing aids at ‘BIG BOX’ stores or opt for lower level performance ‘PROFESSIONAL GRADE’ hearing aids at hearing aid offices / clinics.

Don’t confuse ‘Style’ with ‘Performance’. Generally, each style is available in all performance levels.

RULE OF THUMB: The worse your hearing loss and the longer you have gone without help AND the more active /social you are, the better hearing satisfaction you will have with a higher level PERFORMANCE – PROFESSIONAL GRADE hearing aid.

Of course, performance also depends on getting hearing aids that are FIT AND TUNED to your personal response of how all the sounds work for you!

Many hearing aids offer additional technologies, including:
  • *Wireless synchronization
    Means – easier hearing in noisy environments
  • *Bluetooth capability
    Means – Streaming phone calls and tv directly into your hearing aids
  • *Telecoil
    Means – Connect to looped hearing systems in auditoriums, churches etc…
  • *App control from smartphones
    Means – easy control of hearing aid adjustments from phone app
  • *All digital processing
    Means – better sound control in noisy environments
  • *Directional focus control
    Means – better focus in noisy environment
  • *Own voice Processing
    Means – better, more natural own voice sound