What to Expect

What to expect:

So, you’re checking out hearing aid options. So much information and dis-information.

No matter if you are an experienced hearing aid user looking for the best deal, or considering hearing help for the first time, consider what we can do for you.

With hearing loss, hearing aids are just part of the solution. Hearing loss is a complex interference of the transmission of sound waves getting through the ears and transmitted via nerve impulse to the brain.

Many moving parts.

Hearing test/evaluation

Start with your hearing evaluation (call to schedule) This will show the amount of loss at each of the frequencies that involve the speech spectrum. You will also learn if your loss is sensory neural (inner ear), conductive (middle ear) or some of both.

The evaluation will also tell how capable your brain is of still recognizing the word sounds with amplification. (Did you know that the sound pathways in the brain can close up without continuous use)

This will indicate how likely you will be able to hear word sounds but not be able to understand certain words.

Select Performance Level

Once you know the type and severity of your hearing loss, select the Performance Level (1 – 4)

Select Style

Select the style you think best fits your lifestyle and loss (Behind the ear, Slim style, all in the ear)

Evaluation Period

Once we agree on the selection, we order the hearing aids and set up a fitting.


We schedule a fitting where we set up the hearing aid with the proper acoustic set up (dome size and shape or custom earmold)

Fitting includes custom tuning of the hearing aids based on your assessment of the sounds (volume, clarity and how the hearing aids work in background noise)

Remember, hearing aids come with a 45 day RISK FREE evaluation period.

Our goal is help you hear better without breaking the bank.