Your Choice

Ask: What’s the best hearing solution for the money for me?

General Pricing per pair

(note final pricing may vary depending on specific needs / loss)

Performance LevelPrice/Pair
1 Top$ 4,950 – $5,590
2 Upper Mid Level$ 3,990 – 4,500
3 Mid Level$ 3,050 – 3,500
4 Basic$ 2,400 – 2,700
5 Economy Special$ 1,500

Answer the following questions:

1) Your type of hearing loss? (Hearing evaluation will show this)

a) Sensory Neural

b) Conductive

c) Mixed (Some of both above)

2) How severe is your loss? (Hearing evaluation will show this)

a) Mild to moderate

b) Moderate to profound

c) Profound

3) Style you prefer (link to box#2 Style )

a) Typical behind the ear

b) Slim behind the ear

c) Earbud type in the ear

d) Small custom or ready to wear

4) Performance Level ( link to box#3 performance )

a) Top level (best hearing in difficult environments)

b) Upper Mid-Level (good for small groups)

c) Mid Level (Small groups, one on one)

d) Basic – Economy (Basic hearing help)